Leaky Gut



Leaky gut syndrome is a serious condition which can be explained with clear scientific evidence. Dr Alessio Fasano, at Harvard Medical School, showed that celiac patients, who can’t digest gluten (for more information see our next newsletter), produce a biochemical called zonulin which causes openings in the gut lining so that undigested foods and bacteria particles can leak from the gut directly into the bloodstream.

How can we generalize this condition to those who are not celiac patients? Top researchers now postulate that foreign particles entering the bloodstream as a result of a leaky gut may be at the basis of many different autoimmune diseases.

Ayurveda describes a very similar condition in which undigested food and toxins enter the bloodstream. The result is the buildup of a substance called ama, which leads to many diseases.

      Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

To help heal a leaky gut one clear way is to give the digestive tract rest and time to heal itself. Another important factor is to eliminate foods which may be aggravating the gut. For more details see resources below.

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