Ted Wallace

The formation of the Dosha Guru team is credited to
Ted Wallace. As former president of Maharishi Ayurveda Products International, one of the largest Ayurvedic herbal supplement companies, Ted provides Dosha Guru with invaluable business guidance and market experience.

A Message from Ted Wallace:

We are living in a time where the knowledge of perfect health, which gives the ability to live without suffering, is available to every human being on the planet.  

Maharishi Ayurveda is powerful because it works at the deepest level of life. It recognizes and utilizes the balancing, healing influence of the quietest level of consciousness, and the laws of Nature that administer all the body’s functions in a coordinated way.”


Ted is currently working for Cambridge Investment Research as an Agile Coach, he formally worked as President of Maharishi Ayurveda Products International Inc, an herbal supplement company that specializes in preventative knowledge and medicines from India. He is also a technology officer for GoJindy, a non-profit organization to create awareness and give knowledge of practical applications for up-cycling and recycling.

He has a Masters in Computer Science and Neuroscience and is currently finishing his Phd in Neuroscience at Maharishi University of Management.

In his leisure time, Ted enjoys volleyball, cooking, family and friends. He was born and raised in California, lived in the Midwest, East coast, Europe and spent a year in Asia. He has a working knowledge of  Dutch.

His talented wife, Danielle, is from the Netherlands. He has three amazing children, Julia, Kyran, and Myka.