Learn About The 3 Doshas


Overview of the three doshas



Vatas are vibrant in general and have an excitement for life. Their positive outlook translates to an energetic expression, which is infectious. They are light of heart, quick to speak, and may have their heads in the clouds.

Their personalities can be compared to a Bumblebee–with the ability to move with the wind, flutter delicately and rapidly about, and instantly change direction. A person with a Vata personality may be highly creative, with many interests, and rarely traveling down one path for very long.

Vata body types are classified as Ectomorphs  – lean with thin bones, dry skin & wiry hair.


Pittas are warm and friendly to their friends, and fierce opponents to their enemies. Pitta individuals are strong willed, leaders with passion and vision, who have the  ability to motivate others to their cause.

Pitta-types are direct and tend to charge straight ahead. This is the general approach of the Pitta personality, which is compared to that of a bull (hence the image, bull in a china shop). If we get in the way, we may get trampled!

Pittas are classified as Mesomorphs – medium build and muscular, with the ability to gain or lose weight easily.


Kaphas tend to be calm and move, think, and react, with purpose. Their steady disposition is not easily disturbed and they tend to be loving and devoted individuals – characteristics which reflect the large amount of water in their constitutions. 

Kapha types prefer to walk steadily along the path, rather than rush. They are usually more conservative and accepting things the way they are. Their emotional type can be compared to that of the turtle  – slow and steady wins the race!

Kapha’s are classified as Endomorphs – a solid frame, thick bones, and smooth skin.