The Three Doshas


Our mission at Dosha Guru is to make Ayurveda easily accessible in order to encourage, enable, and empower everyone everywhere to take greater responsibility for their own health and happiness.


Ayurveda is an ancient medical system from India which contains numerous highly effective and practical modalities to both prevent and treat our health problems today.


The founders of our company come from widely diverse backgrounds but their common ground is that they have all been profoundly touched by Ayurveda’s simple, profound, and supremely effective approach.


A great deal of information is available on Ayurveda, but both the language and approach can be overwhelming. Our goal is to provide a basic understanding of each person’s individual Ayurvedic mind/body type through an interactive, informative, and enjoyable quiz, along with relevant weekly tips, forums, and simple products that help create greater balance and more ideal health.