# 1. Products I Swear By

(and don’t want to ever be without)


I want to rave about this incredible product and tell you exactly how it saved me under dire circumstances, but for (pathetic, creepy, & inhumane) legal reasons I am not allowed to tell you what it has done and continues to do.

I hope it will be suitably veiled to say that any condition you might try to ameliorate with a product like TUMS (with or without the addition of Western meds) is extraordinarily well served by Aci-Balance, with or without the addition of Western meds as recommended by your physician.

Aci-Balance helped me through a terrible crises, and it continues to help me on an almost daily basis.  There are several Ayurvedic formulations that work (amazingly, they actually work!). Aci-Balance is one of them.

There are a few of Ayurvedic products that I want to have with me at all times, and—like the one book you’d most want to take with you to a desert island—my first choice is Aci-Balance.


Sincerely,  Samantha