Kudzu {Pueraria tuberosa}

Kudzu or Indian Kudzu

Ayurveda Characteristic and Uses

  1. Effect on doshas – Pacifies Vata and Pitta and increases Kapha
  2. Taste –Sweet
  3. Energetics – Cooling
  4. Main Traditional Action: Tonic, diuretic,
  5. Other Traditional Uses: Antipyretic, digestive, antidiabetic, antirheumatic, treatment of alcoholism and to reduce symptoms of alcohol hangover, including headache, upset stomach, dizziness, and vomiting,  upper respiratory problems including sinus infections, the common cold, hay fever, flu, for skin problems, including allergic skin rash, itchiness, and psoriasis, for menopause symptoms, muscle pain, measles, dysentery, stomach pain, diarrhea, thirst, neck stiffness, ato promote sweating, treatment of polio myelitis, encephalitis, migraine, deafness, diabetes, and traumatic injuries as well a stroke due to a blood clot.



Modern Research

Kudzu and its components have been investigated for a number of biological activities: antioxidant, hypoglycemic, antimicrobial, hypolipidemic, fibrinolysis enhancing, cardioprotective, vasodilator, antihypertensive, effects on the liver and reproductive system, effects on memory, potentially therapeutic agent for insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, and reduction of blood pressure and plasma fibrinogen and significant enhancement of plasma fibrinolytic activity and serum total antioxidant status in patients with stage 1 hypertensive individuals with side effects.

Products that contain this Herb


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