Galangal {Alpinia galanga}

Galangal or Rashna or Blue Ginger or Greater Galangal

Ayurveda Characteristic and Uses

  1. Effect on doshas – Good for Vata and Kapha
  2. Taste –Pungent, bitter
  3. Energetics – Heating
  4. Main Traditional Action: Digestive, reducing blood pressure and blood sugar
  5. Other Traditional Uses: Antidiuretic, diaphoretic, antiasthmatic, antirheumatic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, hepatoprotective, bronchial catarrh, mouth related problems, tastelessness, loss of appetite, throat related problems, and reproductive problems.


Modern Research

Galangal and its components have been investigated for a number of biological activities: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-amoebic, antioxidant, antimalarial, immunomodulatory, anticancer, gastroprotective, gene activity related to osteoarthritis, inhibition of nitric oxide production, inhibitory effects on platelet-activating factor (PAF), usefulness in delaying the onset and the progression of neurodegenerative disorders involving chronically activated microglial cells in the central nervous system, regulation of blood sugar levels, and treatment of skin infections.

Products that contain this Herb

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