Bhringaraj {Eclipta alba or prostrata}

Bhringaraj  commonly known as False Daisy balances Vata,  Kapha, and Pitta

Ayurveda Characteristic and Uses

  1. Effect on doshas – Balances Vata and Kapha and Pitta
  2. Taste –Bitter, pungent, sweet
  3. Energetics – Heating
  4. Main Action: Known for promoting healthy hair growth, healthy skin, bones, teeth, sight, hearing and memory
  5. Other Uses: Supports proper function of the liver and lungs, acts as blood purifier, a rasayana, an anticonvulsive, and good for removing toxins.


Modern Research

Components of the plant have been shown to have a number of effects including: reducing serum lipid levels, improving antioxidant activities, stimulating differentiation of osteoblasts, anticancer, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, inhibiting liver fibrosis, hypolipodemic activity, antimicrobial and anti venom activity, and hair growth promoting activity,increasing the formation of brain acetylcholine and decreasing oxidative stress, and influencing learning and memory.