Shankhpushpi {Convolvulus pluricaulis}


Shankhpushpi balances Vata. Pitta, and Kapha.


 Ayurveda Characteristic and Uses

  1. Effect on doshas – Balances all three Doshas especially Vata and Pitta
  2. Taste –Bitter
  3. Energetics – heating
  4. Main Action: Brain tonic, used to treat nervous debility, insomnia, and fatigue
  5. Other Uses:, improves memory, and intellectual capacity, used as anti-hypertensive and to reduces blood cholesterol , helps in managing stress and to rejuvenate the body and increase energy.


Modern Research

It has studied for its value in anxiety neurosis, depression, neurotoxicity, brain aging, gastric disorders, and for various aspects of brain functioning, mental health and learning.