Clove {Syzygium aromaticum}

Clove called Lavaṅga in Ayurveda helps balance Vata and Kapha.

 Ayurveda Characteristic and Uses

  1. Effect on doshas – Balances Vata and Kapha,
  2. Taste –pungent and bitter
  3. Energetics – cooling
  4. Main Action: enhance circulation, digestion and metabolism and help counter stomach disorders such as gas, bloating and nausea
  5. Other Uses: Mouth refresher, stimulates liver function, clove oil helps arthritis and lower back pain, cloves are used as a carminative, to increase hydrochloric acid in the stomach and to improve peristalsis. Cloves are also said to be a natural anthelmintic.


Modern Research

  • Anti-bacterial, antioxidant, anti- cancer, herpes, hepatitis, blood clots, cold sores, denture problems, gum disease, and toothache