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My first Skincare/Make-up Blog Suggestion is from a skin care company called Evan Healy, and it is not organic—even though I feel strongly that essential oils MUST be organic—or why bother?  Don’t we all have enough toxins and pesticides floating around in our bodies?!

From the Healy literature it is clear that they are very knowledgeable about the uses and benefits of essential oil in way that most companies are not, but sadly, their essential oils are not organic. So, not so much money where their mouth is, but still, an effective product.

In spite of it not being organic, I tried a friend’s product and bought two slightly different ones of my own, one of which I recommend: their Rose Vetiver Day Moisturizer.  It felt good right away AND—miracle of miracles—effectively calmed a recurrent outburst of eczema (which is nothing short of frackin’ miraculous!). Anyone who has dealt with this skin conditions will tell you that eczema is one of the most difficult to effect, even using the most powerful Western drugs (with equally powerful negative side-effects). Plus, over my lifetime I’ve tried a kazillion natural and/or organic remedies and 98% of them do nothing for exczema!

Unsurprisingly, there is no mention of this benefit in their literature, I can only tell you that it worked for the Picky Picky One (moi).

One of my skin care theories, so far proven true, is that if something actually helps a random but specific skin problem, I am then disposed towards believing that it might actually be useful for the purpose for which they are selling it!

Evan Healy’s Rose Vetiver Day moisturizer might not be the greatest skin care product or moisturizer ever (which is still out there somewhere, waiting for us, and I’m lookin’ for it, baby!) but it is miles better than anything offered by the big commercial cosmetic companies, and better than most other non-death-chemical moisturizers, regardless of price.

I do suggest that you store it in your refrigerator—for two reasons, one is obvious: it will stay fresher and therefore more effective, the other is that rose is a well-known cooling and soothing agent for skin (and, if organic, acts upon the digestive system in a similar manner) and this beneficial effect becomes magnified if it is physically cool when you apply it.  Most skin problems involving redness are due to a Pitta Imbalance and Rose is known to cool and calm Pitta Dosha. Check with your Ayurvedic Physician.

At this point I must add, please avoid all products that come in plastic (or God forbid Aluminum)!Let’s spare ourselves any potential issues withbisphenol-A, that creepy contaminant better known as BPA, commonly found in plastic food and beverage containers.  Stick to glass. Who really cares if it’s somewhat heavier? Be a purist where your health is concerned.The canary has already died in the food and beverage container mine and it’s up to us to avoid toxins and contaminates in any form. 

If our skin is absorbent enough to take in natural and unnatural chemicals in order to moisturize, or accomplish any benefits whatsoever, it is reasonable to assume that it will also absorb BPA (bisphenol-A) AND anything else with a small enough molecule size to penetrate the skin’s outer layers.


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The painting, Grande Odalisque, in the photograph above is an early example of “retouching” for the sake of beauty:  In order to achieve a more graceful curve in his model’s spine, Ingres added several vertebrae!

 Post Script

Whenever I come across an outstanding or interesting skin care and/or make-up discovery, I will share it with you in this blog so I should mention that I just bought a tiny vial of organic Argon Oil, a recently touted “magic” oil.  I’m not madly in love with it, but I think I like it.  I’ll let you know when I’ve used it longer.

I won’t write another product blog until I find something else I like (or violently dislike), so my blogs may appear irregularly! 

You, however, can send us your news (pertinent please! & short & sweet) of any really remarkable new skin care product—organic if possible  (I know it ain’t easy)!  I always try for organic, but I when it comes to skincare I sometimes compromise, as with this Evan Healy product.

I will circulate your suggestions and products (if we can easily purchase them) among our Dosha Guru partners, and I will try them myself.  If we agree with your evaluation, I’ll be delighted to add them to this blog for everyone’s benefit. However, please do not be disappointed or take it personally if your recommendation does not appear, because we will be testing hundreds of products.  Also, fact is that I am excruciatingly picky (highly discriminative is a nicer way to put it) and not just about skin care.

If by now you are guessing that I’m Vata Pitta, you’re right!


                                                                                                                                   Sincerely, Samantha