Famous Vata Attacks

Our goal with this page is to  show some fun examples of how a Vata imbalance may effect you.  Learning to recognize dosha imbalances in ourself and in others can make us more compassionate, but also provides us with an opportunity to restore balance.

Currently we have only two examples from You Tube, but we would like to encourage you to start posting your favorite clips via the Facebook plug-in at the bottom of this page!  Just make sure you are logged into Facebook, and then paste a link to the video and if necessary your explanation.  We LOVE to hear from our users, and interacting together on this page will be so much fun!! 

Here is a favorite Vata moment recently submitted by Olivia Sinton:


One of our favorite actresses, who seems to always fall prey to a Vata attack in her movies is Diane Keaton.

In the fun video below, Diane plays Erica Barry – a playwright, who falls in love with her daughter’s much older boyfriend. You’ll notice that Erica goes from crying to laughing and back to crying. Of course, the French music doesn’t help.  This state of rapid change, although exaggerated in this clip, is very typical of a vata imbalance.  Find out if you have a Vata imbalance by taking our Free Online Dosha Quiz.


In this next video Diane plays J.C. Wiatt, a business consultant in the New York City during the late 1980’s. J.C. is at the top of her game, until her cousins sadly pass away, naming her the benefactor of their daughter, Elizabeth. J.C. decided to leave her high-powered job in Manhattan to move to Vermont to raise Elizabeth as her own daughter. Of course, it’s not always smooth sailing – especially when J.C’s plumber discovers that the water in her well has run dry, and she will have to spend about $5,000 to tap into the county’s water line. The entire clip is a great example of how Vata can accumulate (ironically, it’s filmed in late fall to mid winter), and how a Vata person (Diane) can be affected.  While this clips builds a little slowly, The full Vata melt-down starts at 3:51!