Post Menopause

After menopause, most of the signs and symptoms of the transition are over. Some continuation of a routine that nourishes the body, protects the heart and bones, and calms the nervous system is warranted. It is in this phase of life that you will enjoy your time as an ‘experienced wise woman’. Please note that in general you will have to follow some routine in order to keep yourself healthy. A recommended routine is provided below:


• Create a daily and seasonal routine by staying in tune with Nature.

• Maintain a healthy routine physically, mentally and spiritually to open the heart

and strengthen your inner connection.


Physically: Exercising properly and regularly

Mentally: Transforming stress and addictions

Spiritually: Meditation, prayer, yoga


• Utilize proper nutrition by eating for good health and longevity while avoiding

dietary risk factors. This includes dietary aware food choices, digestion,

absorption, and elimination.


• Detoxify the body through internal cleansing and purification techniques.


• Rejuvenation