1. Eat an amount that takes the state of your agni and Doshas into consideration.
  2. Eat three meals a day.
  3. Eat only after your previous food is digested.
  4. Set a specific time and place.
  5. Eat with a proper frame of mind (a happy mood).
  6. Wash your hands thoroughly.
  7. Feed someone else before you eat.
  8. Bless your food before eating.
  9. Do not eat either very slow or very fast. Take your time and chew your food longer (each bite 32 times, according to Ayurveda). Food starts to digest in the mouth through the action of Bodhaka Kapha. We enjoy the taste of the food while it is in the mouth. And if we chew each bite will it will tend to reduce the amount of food we eat.
  10. Create a pleasant environment (flowers, music, incense).
  11. Do not talk or laugh while eating. Do not eat on the run or while watching TV. Concentrate on your food and eat.
  12. Eat less, exercise more.