Ayurvedic Tips for Enjoying the Holidays

Tips for preventing a dosha holiday meltdown

This time of year means that we will be more social than usual; spending more time with our friends and family to celebrate the holidays. But as the season draws closer, we may be feeling a little stressed out than usual, and may feel less holiday cheer towards some of those who are close to us.

Knowing you doshic personality may help you avoid any family holiday drama on your part, and may even give others around you the strength to rise above the stress of the season.

Note: This tip is written for each dosha type and only contains tips for Vata, Pitta, Kapha, and Tridoshic types.  To get tips for your unique balance, including dual dosha types (eg. vata & pitta), take our dosha quiz and then enter your email at the end to download your report.  This will subscribe you to our weekly tips and you will receive just the right tip for your unique dosha balance.


By now, you may know that having a predominantly Kapha constitution. You are wise and stable, with a deep emotional connection to people, places, and things. Those around you need and depend on you to be their rock in times of emotional need, and you give great counsel. But what happens when the rock needs a shoulder to cry on?

In Ayurveda “like increases like,” and our doshic personalities and doshic tendencies play a large part in our ability to both achieve our goals and to hold us back – depending on our state of balance or lack of it.

You, dear Kapha, are the most paternal/maternal of them all, and your friends all know it! They confide in you whenever they are experiencing sadness or loss, and you are able to be totally present for them. But remember, communication is a two-way street. You can’t be the rock all the time; otherwise you’ll become part of the ground.

The weeks approaching the New Year are generally the most emotionally stressful of the year for everyone, including you. We aren’t suggesting that you should not continue to be a rock, but you may need to find a rock of your own – perhaps a boulder. And be mindful that you don’t take on the stress of your friends in an effort to avoid your own!

Remember that water and earth are the heaviest of the five elements, as well as the most stable, so your personality and tendencies keep you both heavy and stable. So, Let There Be Light. Open your heart and remember that you are love.



By now you may know that with a predominantly Pitta constitution, you have an amazing ability to lead and motivate people to a cause, activity, or project, and when you are balanced, you achieve this quite flawlessly. You seem to be able to power through anything in your way without needing to take time out. But is all this charging forward creating an imbalance of Pitta? (Trick Question) Smell the smoke!

In Ayurveda “like increases like,” and our doshic personalities and doshic tendencies play a large part in our ability to both achieve our goals and to hold us back.

Being a natural born leader, dear Pitta, may not be the best course for you all the time. Your body really does need rest, and although you may feel you can burn through stress like acid through a stomach lining, stress is stress! If you aren’t managing it properly (and we know you generally don’t) you may find yourself boiling over.

The weeks approaching the New Year are generally stressful for everyone. It isn’t that you can’t handle a lot on your plate (you are capable of being a magnificent workhorse) it’s just that you may start to feel that people around you aren’t working hard enough, which isn’t true just because they like to be asleep at 12AM!

Remember dear Pitta, water calms fire, and you are dominated by both of these qualities. It’s imperative to tap (forgive the pun) into your water quality, because it will help prevent a Pitta meltdown, which will do none of us any good.



By now, you may know that having a predominantly Vata constitution means that you are able to move between many different social and professional situations with what appears to be the greatest of ease. And when you are balanced, this is generally true. You may want to participate in a variety of different events because of your myriad of interests, and your presence can inspire others in your community, but (trick question) is taking on too much causing an imbalance of Vata?

In Ayurveda “like increases like,” and our doshic personalities and doshic tendencies play a large part in our ability to both achieve our goals and to hold us back.

For you, dear Vata, lots of moving, both mentally and physically, can cause your qualities of air and space to increase. It’s in your personality to be light and engaging, and your tendency is to continue on an airy path until you are thoroughly Vata imbalanced. Even after you’ve reached your destination, a Vata imbalance can cause you to experience anxiety, some confusion, and a general state of ungroundedness.

In these weeks approaching the New Year, may we suggest that your prime goal is to become more mindful about all that you do? A basic recommendation for Vatas is not to spread yourself too thin, on too many goals, projects, or even friends. Consider whether that would it be more balancing for you to select fewer and/or simpler projects on which you can focus, succeed beautifully in your goals, and remain! grounded!

Remember, dear Vata, quality wins out over quantity. You really can be wonderfully light, illuminating, and inspiring to everyone with whom you come in contact without going off the rails!

Remember that it is vital for your Vata dosha to keep warm at all costs. We are knee-deep in Vata season after all!



By now, you may know that having a predominantly Tridoshic constitution means that you’re quite complex but simple at the same time. You are easy to work with, and open to suggestions, yet are still able to lead when it’s needed. You seem to have different personalities for different situations, and can glide through each situation effortlessly. But, even though those personalities are an advantage in social situations, do people know the real you?

For you, dear Tridosha, it’s all about being true to yourself. Yes, you may be a master at family diplomacy, and being rational and effective in stressful situations. You can navigate the stress of your job with the precision of a U-boat commander. But even you will hit a land mine (or two) if you feel that you are compromising who you really are and how you really feel.

In the weeks approaching the New Year, may we suggest that you be more mindful about who you are at your core. You are influenced by all the doshas, elements, and seasons, perhaps more than other body types, but what does it being perfectly balanced mean to you? Maybe being mindful of your own voice rather than speaking somebody else’s?

Remember Tridohsa, that you are the epitome of balance…until you aren’t. Being aware of what you truly believe can prevent you from going out of balance, and of course, prevent you from obsessing about what you–should have, could have, would have–said or done!