Learn about your Doshic Patterns

As many on this planet know, we have just completed our civic duty in the US to elect the leader of our country. Not only was the world watching, it was giving input on the situation. This, on top of being bombarded with pro and con political ads in various forms, and heated discussions with family, friends, and colleagues, over which candidate should win and why, could be quite stressful!

It’s important to remind ourselves that, no matter what’s going in the world, our paramount responsibility is to take care of our health.

This week we are going to focus on samskaras (pronounced “saN-skara”). Samskara is a Sanskrit word that refers to the tendencies or patterns that cause us to do the things we do–and in some cases, justify the things we do!

Note: This tip is written for each dosha type and only contains tips for Vata, Pitta, Kapha, and Tridoshic types.  To get tips for your unique balance, including dual dosha types (eg. Kapha & Pitta), take our dosha quiz and then enter your email at the end to download your free report.  This will subscribe you to our free weekly tips and you will receive just the right tip for your unique dosha balance.



For you, dear Kapha, your samskaras are all about protection and self-preservation. Of all the doshas, change is the hardest for you, as you tend to like a routine with very little variance. You are an extremely reliable person, and being a combination of the water and earth elements generally means that you can be pretty inflexible to change.

The expression of “solid as a rock” is your motto, but rocks, by nature, tend to be fairly immovable. If something is immovable, then the path of least resistance for others is to go around it. So, this week, think about being pliable and flexible. Be open to new ideas, new routines, and new activities. Break out of your comfort zone, and come out of your shell!

You are love personified, which is one of the many reasons people gravitate towards you, but if you exhibit the heaviness that can come from a Kapha imbalance, it might be that you are too attached. In these situations, be a rolling stone, rather than a solid rock, and remember, lightness is a state of mind.

Changing habits is hard for all doshas, but remember, small changes can lead to big accomplishments! Who knows, perhaps you’ll get up tomorrow and go to that Zumba class!



I think you know where we’re going here, dear Pitta; your samskaras definitely lean towards hot and argumentative. Not that there’s anything really wrong with being hot and argumentative. But since the qualities of the heat of fire and slightly oily water govern you, you can tend to be one to bring gasoline to the bonfire, therefore you need to be cooled and soothed.

The expression “fighting fire with fire” may be your motto, but be careful not to singe your friends or even yourself. As a Pitta, you love a good argument, and will usually do what ever you can to win it. However, try not to get caught up in the heat of the debate. As a natural leader (which you are), you can rise above the cacophony and deliver the facts. That’s so totally you!

We keep bringing it to your attention, and it needs to be repeated as many times as it takes to sink in: Remove yourself from a situation if it becomes too heated. Remember, this is not a sign of defeat; it’s a sign of diplomacy. And if you can find a Kapha friend to talk you off the ledge, that’s even better!

Changing habits is hard for all doshas, but remember, small changes can lead to big accomplishments! Who knows, perhaps you’ll get up tomorrow and attend that anger management class! With what you are learning about Pitta, you will be truly cool!



Your samskaras, dear Vata, tend to be those, which keeps you light, expansive, and constantly in motion. Of all the dohas, your nature thrives in movement, change, and distraction, because you are governed by space and air – the only mobile elements.

Excessive movement, however, can result in your feeling ungrounded, scattered in your work, and even anxious.

One way to ground Vata is by putting yourself on a strict Media diet. Limit the amount of time you spend online and in front of the television, and be with your friends and family more in real time.

Perhaps the best way to balance Vata is to get back to a more ideal daily routine (even if you never had one to begin with).

Start your day with enough time to not panic about being late for anything! Get up, make your bed and simply enjoy the world waking up – this could be as simple as enjoying your cup of tea as the sun rises. Favor orderliness, you are already inclined towards creativity!

Changing habits is hard for all doshas, but remember, small changes can lead to big accomplishments! Perhaps tomorrow you’ll get up and go to yoga class! That’s being grounded!



Because you are Tridoshic, your samskaras can be varied. If you have a predominance of Vata, you can tend towards distraction. If Pitta is your predominance, you can tend towards being argumentative (slightly). And if Kapha is your primary dosha, then you can tend towards routine. Generally for Tridoshics, everything depends upon your primary dosha, and what season we are in.

Generally speaking, you don’t have any major hang-ups with change and the constant moving of things. To you, these are signs of evolution, and you usually embrace evolution, but you too, are influenced by the samskaras of your primary dosha.

Vata primary usually means anxiety regarding change. Pitta primary usually means an inflammatory reaction to change. And Kapha primary usually means resistance to change. Wow, that’s a lot to work with!

It’s best to keep an eye on what your tendencies are telling you, because the symptoms will lead you to the main dosha that is causing you to do what you do.

Changing habits is hard for all doshas, but small changes can lead to big accomplishments!