For our dear subscribers affected by hurricane Sandy, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families, and we hope that all of your loved ones are safe.

Watching the extensive coverage of the storm week, we realized the importance of having a ‘survival’ plan. Knowledge is power, and here are some survival tips for YOUR dosha.

Remember to use these tips for prevention OR if you are already in the midst of a serious dosha imbalance!



  1. Avoid excess travel! Although virtually impossible to avoid, traveling is very Vata increasing. If you must spend a lot of time commuting by air, train or car, try to listen to calming! music and carry an essential oil with you, like Sambac Jasmine, lemon grass, sweet orange, and rose, to sooth your mind.
  2. Eat regularly! Vatas can get into the habit (bad habit) of not eating on a regular basis, going for hours between meals, and when the need to eat finally hits, you may become light headed or even pass out – Not ideal! Always have snacks with you, so that even if you can’t get out to eat, you have something to tide you over. The rule for Vata balance is to eat every three hours.
  3. Carry hand lotion EVERWHERE! Due to poor circulation and rather delicate skin, your hands can become chaffed and very dry, especially if you are in a profession where you have to wash your hands all the time. We recommend any product with sesame oil extract, or olive oil. Shea butter can be greasy but there are a few shea butter products out there that have solved this problem. All of these oils are highly emollient, and help restore moisture back to the skin. Don’t be afraid to carry a pair of gloves with you as well. It’s a good idea for Vatas especially, to have warm hands! Yes, and wear a hat! (Vatas aren’t called “airheads” for nothing and a hat helps keep you grounded and wards off winter illnesses!)
  4. Prevent Anxiety!Drinking chamomile tea regularly can inhibit anxiety, and on those evenings when you know your anxiety is going to get in the way of a good night sleep, follow this recipe:1 cup of warm organic milk
    1 teaspoon of peeled & crushed almonds (soaked overnight is most ideal)
    Pinch of soaked saffron (include the water)
    1 tablespoon of organic honeyDrink this at least 2 hours before bed time to help you get a good night’s sleep, and rest is THE most important remedy in balancing Vata!



  1. Avoid excess stress! We know that this almost unavoidable for you, dear Pitta but remember to breathe into a situation, the way you would stretch before running. Whenever possible, completely remove yourself from the stressful situation, even for a few minutes. This will provide some much needed perspective and allow you to cool down.
  2. Do NOT forget to eat! As a Pitta, you know that if you don’t eat on a regular basis, you get–how can we say this nicely?–mean (like firey, crazy, insane). It’s not because you actually are mean, it’s just that your metabolism is fast and furious, and MUST refuel. From the point of view of your stomach, it’s eat or get eaten. So plan ahead, and bring an ample snack with you in order to avoid snapping at (or snacking on) friends and colleagues. Be sure to eat every three hours. Please!
  3. Drink plenty of water! As a Pitta, you are a combination of water and earth, but the water quality in Pitta is more oily than liquid. Also, your fire quality can really heat up in situations of stress. Pittas need more water than either Vatas and Kaphas, so make sure that you are drinking pure water regularly. It’s important to drink only room temperature water, as it assimilates about 3 hours less than iced!
  4. Say NO to hot spices! We’ve brought this up before, but it’s deserves a reminder and we will bring it up again. (And again.) You may experience a severe Pitta imbalance in the dead of winter if you consume spicy and acidic foods. Remember, if you are up against a deadline or working through a stressful situation, avoid the kombucha and reach for coconut water instead.



  1. Stay Active! Your initial instinct, dear Kapha, is to fall into a routine where little changes. You like the familiar pattern of a schedule, and rarely deviate from it. We know that change is hard for you, but variation fills the soul. Try something different each day, even if it’s a different flavor of tea – now you’re living dangerously!
  2. Don’t skip meals! Most Kaphas can go through the day without eating much of anything. Then when you do get hungry, you may reach for convenient foods, sweets, ice cream etc. Even if these yummy treats are organic, they are still Kapha increasing! Eat every 4 hours, up to 4 times per day, and reach for foods that are not so heavy in oils and sugar, like steamed veggies. Also, go for foods like amaranth, quinoa, and other sources of protein. You’ll be surprised how satisfying they are!
  3. Hot Water is your BFF! No joke! If you sip a 3/4 cup of hot water every hour, you’ll feel lighter and will actually be able to reduce your body mass. Hot water gets the metabolic fire going, and it can rid the body of toxins. Truly!
  4. Think Light, Be light! Believe it or not, it is possible to be light in your thinking, even though you have a highly analytical mind. You just need an exercise that allows you to focus on a more tranquil and invigorating topic. We like Yoga class, where you can empty your mind and be present with yourself.



  1. Avoid excess stress! We know that’s almost unavoidable in today’s world, but excess stress increases all three doshas. Stress on Vata can cause anxiety, stress on Pitta can cause inflammation, and stress on Kapha can cause depression. Simply remember to breathe into a difficult situation as you would a stretch. Whenever possible, completely remove yourself from the stressful situation, even for a few minutes. This will provide some much needed perspective and give you a chance to breathe and calm your physiology.
  2. Do NOT forget to eat! Depending on what percentage Vata, Pitta, and Kapha you are, skipping meals is a bad idea for any dosha. Ideally, try eating every 3-4 hours, starting with a small breakfast, larger lunch, and small meal at dinner, with snacks in between. This will promote a healthy digestion and keep you from getting spacey, slow, or mean! And keep you at the top of your game.
  3. Stay grounded by staying active! You have a lot of interests and motivation, but you also like structure and focus. Generally, you can balance these nicely, but what keeps you balanced is the ability to be spontaneous. Try something new each day, even if it’s a different route to work – yes, live a little!
  4. Adopt an attitude of gratitude! As a Tridosha, you have the remarkable ability not only to remain balanced yourself, but also to help those around you to stay balanced. Generally, you like to lead by example, and those around you love that you can guide them just by being you. Don’t change! Really, don’t!


What if you are Vata and Pitta?  Or Vata and Kapha?