Vegetable Dishes

NOTE: This article is compliments of Frank Lotz, author of Heavenly Cooking with Ayurveda. If you like it, please consider purchasing his book.

According to Ayurveda, vegetables are best when cooked in ghee. However, you do have to add a little water now and again, to make sure that the vegetables do not burn. This is the best way to make sure that the water soluble vitamins, minerals and aromas are not lost.

Traditionally the cooking fat, ghee is the best choice, is heated and the spices are added. Then come the chopped vegetables and finally a little hot water as needed. Exceptions prove the rule – sometimes vegetables are cooked in water with a little ghee or oil added. This water is useful for preparing a suitable sauce for the meal, or making a light soup.


So, a reminder of the best fats for cooking:

  1. Pure ghee made from organic butter
  2. Cold-pressed, organic, extra virgin olive oil
  3. Cold-pressed, organic sunflower oil
  4. For sautéing and deep-pan frying use pure coconut fat or ghee


Tip: If you are short of time then you can quickly add flavor by using churna (spice mixture) suitable for your constitution or season of the year. Naturally, you can also use my piquant curry and herb salt mixtures. But always remember that the healing effects of spices are greatest when they are fresh.


Delicious, creamy sauces are preferred by Vata types. Mild, lightly spiced vegetable dishes are

good for those with Pitta constitution. Kapha types need a well spiced, hot meal to get going.

I have added variations and tips to almost every recipe, so that they can be made in a way suitable for each dosha type.


Enjoy yourself making these meals!