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Diet Recommendations for Everyone from Ayurveda

Gut/Brain Nature

Below are recommendations for all types. We also provide specific diet recommendations for each Gut/Brain Nature.

  1. Food is regarded as medicine in Ayurveda.
  2. Different foods and spices are prescribed to balance each of the Gut/Brain Nature.
  3. Certain foods can cause imbalances in each of the different Gut/Brain Nature.
  4. The freshness of food is of great importance in Ayurveda.
  5. Since Ayurveda is about detoxing, removing stress, and purifying our mind and body so that we can function more optimally (with all the benefits this naturally produces in our lives), it’s ideal to eat organic food rather than taking in more toxins in the form of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers with every bite.
  6. Eating organic food may not always be possible. Don’t strain, but do the best you can to eat pure, delicious food.
  7. Digestion is critical for every aspect of our health, and is entirely dependent on our digestive power or agni.
  8. Ama is a word that means both undigested food and toxins, which are considered to be the source of disease.
  9. The best time to eat the largest and heaviest meal of the day is at noon, when your digestive power, or agni, is at its strongest. This will prevent the buildup of ama.
  10. Avoid cold water (especially with ice!) before, during, and after a meal, since it reduces the fire of digestion. If you’re thirsty, sip small amounts of warm water with the meal. Warm water with a good squeeze of lemon is both tasty and good for your digestion.
  11. Always sit down when you eat or drink in order to reduce ama.
  12. Avoid stimulation during meals—television, telephone, and emotional conversations.
  13. Enhance your digestion by remaining seated for about five minutes after you’ve finished eating. It sounds strange—and feels odd at first—but you get to like it. Your stomach will thank you!
  14. Take enough time to digest one meal before starting the next. (To prevent the production of ama, or toxins.)