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Our new book, Total Brain Coaching, gives you some very effective tools for habit change, based on the best of ancient and modern knowledge about your gut health.

You already know that it would be better for you to eat a healthier diet, but talking about it and doing it are different realities. Modern medicine recognizes that the key to health is replacing bad habits with healthy ones and experts will always tell you to exercise more, eat better food, and get enough rest. You know that they’re right, and you want to do all of it. The problem is…compliance, putting all that good advice into action and being able to follow through.

At the beginning of each New Year, many people make positive resolutions. For example, 10% of all health club or gym members join in January, but most of the people who embark on fitness programs at the beginning of the year struggle to stick with their new habit, and as many as 80% drop out by February!

Total Brain Coaching: A Holistic System of Effective Habit Change For the Individual, Team, and Organization is a unique book that helps you adopt new habits by harnessing the neuroplasticity of your brain and by improving your gut/brain axis. It is written by Ted Wallace, MS—who was CEO of Maharishi Ayurveda Products, and is now a professional Agile coach, Robert Keith Wallace, PhD—the pioneering researcher on the Transcendental Meditation technique and founding President of Maharishi International University, who is now a member of the board of trustees, and is in charge of several online degree programs in Maharishi AyurVeda and Integrative Medicine, and Samantha Wallace—who in a former life was a Vogue model, and is now an essential oil skin care specialist and prolific author. Dr Wallace and his wife have written a number of other books on gut health including Gut Crisis, and The Rest And Repair Diet.

Building a new habit requires both time and energy. One study showed that it took 20 days to establish the easy-peasy habit of drinking a glass of water at the beginning of the day, and 84 days to establish the habit of doing 50 sit-ups every day. Obviously, simple habits take a relatively short time to establish, while more difficult habits can take substantially longer.

If you change a habit that has to do with the kind of food you eat regularly, you will also alter your gut bacteria and the expression of certain genes in your DNA. Each new habit changes your brain, your gut-brain axis, and your DNA.

Total Brain Coaching uses several important tools to help you create new habits. First, it assesses who you are, and what your current energy level is. It then provides specific advice to rebalance your gut health and increase your energy before attempting to adopt any new habit.  Finally, it includes specific coaching techniques to help you more easily establish the desirable habit.

Your Total Brain Coach will help you determine your goal: in terms of priority, what habits do you want to change?  It then helps you set a up a habit map and a plan that identifies specific strategies and protocols suited to your particular Energy State. It is a lot easier to change a habit if you are motivated and empowered to do it.

Total Brain Coaching is a process of continuous improvement and integration. It’s about receiving constant feedback and moving ahead at your own best pace. It is important for you to own the process and to take responsibility for your habit change. Motivation really is everything! If your motivation comes from within, the chances are far better that you will be able to follow through with your habit change plan.

The Coherence Code is the companion book to Total Brain Coaching, It is a business fable that explains how Total Brain Coaching can be applied in a corporate environment to increase the performance and success of individuals and teams.

The most important discovery of our time is the recognition of the ancient truth that food is medicine.  Even with the understanding of the importance of food, digestion, and the microbiome, if we can’t change our eating habits, poor gut health will continue to be a source of disease and emotional distress. Total Brain Coaching offers you practical and realistic help to change your habits and simultaneously improve your gut health.


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